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Awards 2020

FIPADOC 2020, international documentary festival, the awards has been revealed in Biarritz on Saturday, January 25 during the closing ceremony of the second edition of the festival.

The Human Factor
Dror Moreh
United Kingdom, 2019, 1 h 48
The Jurors Maryam Ebrahimi, Mary Stephen, Martijn Te Pas gave the Grand Prix International documentary to ”The Human Factor“ by Dror Moreh.

The international jury decided to award a film that not only wholly engaged and moved us but also surprised us in its effective cinematic style. The film is set within the context of an explosive and ongoing conflict of which the complex past keeps haunting the tragic present. With a great directorial vision and thorough research the film manages to create a convincing, coherent and limpid argumentation that the human factor determines the fine line between failure or success - both strongly determining the course of history. Not only does the film make us enter the backdoor of history - it also left us with the urgent feeling that the art of communication and diplomacy will perhaps not (yet) bring peace but at least prevent wars.

The Grand prix for International documentary awards 5,000€ from The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to the best international film that has never been released in France
Danser sa peine
Valérie Müller
France, 2019, 1 h
The jurors Gilles Élie-Dit-Cosaque, Kathleen Evin, Xavier Villetard gave the French Documentary Award to “Danser sa peine” by Valérie Müller.

This documentary which deals with a topic that has already been addressed, describes the part played by an artist in a prison in Marseilles. « Danser sa peine », is highly surprising and depicts wonderful characters who are in the limelight, leaving the star (Angelin Preljocaj) in the wings. The final scene is most emotional.

The Grand Prix for french documentary awards 5,000€ from Scam to the best unseen french films.
Once Aurora
Stian Servoss, Benjamin Langeland
Norway, 2019, 1 h 11
The jurors Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, Éric Darmon, Selma Mutal gave the Grand Prix Documentaire musical to “Once Aurora“ by Stian Servoss and Benjamin Langeland.

For the discovery of a unique and complex character filmed with a flabbergasting intimacy. This young singer shows huge resilience and courage when confronted to the violence of the record industry that she tries to overcome in order to remain free.

The Grand Prix for Musical Documentary awards 5,000€ from Sacem to the film which best features music as one of its main characters.
21 Days Inside
21 Yom Velayla
Zohar Wagner
Israel, 2019, 1 h 05
The jurors Delphine Deloget, Sébastien Deurdilly, Carole Vezilier gave the IMPACT award to “21 Days Inside” by Zohar Wagner.

« 21 days inside », by Zohar Wagner has impressed us for its talent in building a consistent, original and dense narrative from multiple images. The documentary has really moved us by making universal the story of a woman coming from a minority group, who is trapped by the legal system she does not quite understand. A film to the point, as efficient as a thriller which helps to penetrate an unfamiliar community.

The Grand Prix IMPACT CNC-Images de la culture awards a film which inspire change in the world. The production company will receive a 5,000€ credit in rights from the CNC toward the Images de la Culture catalogue. The Grand Prix IMPACT semaine du cinéma positif awards 5,000€ to a film which inspires change in the world.
Traveling While Black
Roger Ross Williams, Félix Lajeunesse , Paul Raphaël, Ayesha Nadarajah
Canada, 2019, 20 min
The jurors Agnès Alfandari, Richard Copans, Victoria Mapplebeck gave the SMART award to “Traveling While Black” by Roger Ross Williams, Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël, Ayesha Nadarajah.

”This movie is a perfect project illustration of what VR can bring to documentaries. The jury was really impressed by the 360 cinematography, wich provided a powerfull sense of presence for the audience. The work has a strong feeling of intimacy wich creates a moving and resonant way of exploring American history.“

The SMART award for digital experiences documentary focuses on originality and match between technology and storytelling, and grants 3,000€ from INA.
Andre Hörmann, Anna Samo
Germany, 2018, 15 min
The jurors Georges Bollon, Eveline Kluger Kadish, Corina Schwingruber Ilić gave the Short film documentary award to “Obon” by Andre Hörmann and Anna Samo.

The jury was impressed by the high level of the short films presented in competition. The jury chose a film which creates a complete visual world, combining the historical and the personal, supported by a precise choice of animation, storytelling voice over and sound design. So, the jury gives the Prix du Court-métrage to “Obon” for its unique connection between a horrific moment and love.

The Short Film Documentary award grants 3,000€ from french watchmaker March LA.B to the best International or French film with a running time of 20 minutes or less.
Erasmus+ Award For Eunice
Voor Eunice
Jaan Stevens
Belgium, 2019, 31 min
The jurors Rea Apostolides, Anna Feillou, Sébastien Legay gave the ERASMUS+ Award to “For Eunice” by Jaan Stevens.

The jury has decided unanimously to award the prize to “For Eunice” by Jean Stevens (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound). We have been carried away by the powerful portrait of a young Ghanaian girl who discovers life in her host European country. With great accuracy and sensitiveness, the director films her daily struggle to make her own way with a highly moving strength and spontaneity. This “no frill” film, pays a great tribute to an unforgettable little girl.

The Erasmus+ Award grants 3,000€ from the French Erasmus+ Agency to a european film in the New Talent category that showcases a young person’s perspective on today’s world, cultures, people and countries.
Tënk Award The Dam
Natalia Koniarz
Poland, 2018, 23 min
The Tënk Award was given to “The Dam” by Natalia Koniarz.

Tënk, a video-on-demand subscription service dedicated to documentary films, awards 500€ and a chance to be broadcast on Tënk’s first reels to the best short european documentary in the New Talent category.
Sous la peau
Under the Skin
Robin Harsch
Switzerland, 2019, 1 h 24
The Audience Award was given to « Sous la peau » by Robin Harsch.

The Audience Award, selected by the audience who cast their votes as they leave the screenings, grants 1,000€ from TV5Monde to a film in the Francophone Panorama category.
Mitrani Award Honeyland
Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska
North Macedonia, 2019, 1 h 25
The jurors Jean-Paul Tribout, Xavier Gubert, Marion Sarraut, Jérôme Clément-wilz and Blanche Guichou gave the MITRANI AWARD to HONEYLAND by Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska.

In this documentary western, the authors have succeeded in creating a microcosm as large as the world. The loneliness of an ageless woman who lives in a remote village is disrupted by the arrival of a “mad” breeders’ family in a travel trailer. In the heart of wonderful mountains, the film depicts a gallery of weird characters who get to know, to confront or to betray one another. Honeyland is the epitome of wind, grass and soft bitterness.

The Mitrani Award, whose jury is made up of representatives from professional guilds and from france télévisions, grants 3,000€ from Adami, Procirep, Sacem, lScam to the best initial or second film from the categories of international documentary, french documentary, musical documentary, impact and francophone panorama. in addition, the winning film will be broadcast on france télévisions.
Young Europeans Jury Award La Cravate
The Tie
Étienne Chaillou, Mathias Théry
France, 2019, 1 h 37
The jurors Yann Blake, Antoine Bourgeais, Victoria Kloch, Max Liebstein, Giorgia Mazzanti, Joanna Nowiska, Marius Penu gave the Young European Jury Award to LA CRAVATE by Étienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry

The Young Europeans Award grants 1,000€ from casden with support from the nouvelle-aquitaine region to a film in the campus selection.
Camille Ducellier
France, 2019, 5 × 8 min
The jurors Géraldine Brézault, Gilles Coudert et Marianne Rigaux gave the Prix Nouvelles Écritures to « Chef·fe » by Camille Ducellier.

The DIGITAL STORYTELLING Award grants 3,000€ from SCAM to a linear or interactive work of non-fiction that presents a demanding narrative and innovative writing, is produced using digital tools and technology, and is distributed by any means.
Draw for Change!
Laura Nix, Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami, Maria Tarantino, Ayten Amin , Marwa Zein Arbab
Belgium, Netherlands, 2021, 6 h 56
Award to the project DRAW FOR CHANGE! by Vincent Coen & Guillaume Vandenberghe, produced by Hanne Phlypo.

5,000€ of post-production services is offered from Saya to authors.
Natural disasters: Mega-regulators
Christine Tournadre
France, 2020, 1 h 30
Award to the project NATURAL DISASTERS : MEGA-REGULATORS by Christine Tournadre.

5,000€ of post-production services is offered from Saya to authors.
Les Passeurs d’océan
Thomas Hirgorom
France, 2020, 0 min
This award is sponsored with 2,000€ in post-production services by Saya.