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Industry days

During the last months, we have received many requests and felt the need in the documentary family to meet in real. The FIPADOC Industry Days will have the pleasure of welcoming you to Biarritz from 19th to 22nd January 2021, four days in conditions that respect sanitary measures. We will keep you posted about the organisation of our activities, which respect the safety of everyone and remain at your disposal for any information.


The Industry Days take place during the FIPADOC International Documentary Festival and welcome all professionals of the documentary sector, producers, directors, distributors, broadcasters, funders etc. They provide international and French industry with unique opportunities to meet and ignite new collaborations, pitch and fund new projects.
The Industry Days are also designed as a think tank about the future of the documentary sector, a reactor for ideas and impulses.

  • International Pitches submission
    Deadline: November 30

There are many Forums and opportunities to meet, exchange and finance documentaries in our industry. Is there a need for another one? There is, because the FIPADOC Industry Days fill a gap, that of a widely open gate to the French market, one of the most creative and financially powerful in Europe. But also, one which has still a big potential to open to international collaboration and coproduction. There is an opportunity to seize. And a great place to do so, in Biarritz.

Time and space are essential to our industry. FIPADOC offers quality time and sufficient space for public pitching, tailored, prearranged meetings and spontaneous encounters, hands on case studies and panels, productive labs, inspiring keynotes and a comprehensive insight into the documentary landscape of France and a country or region in Europe. Size matters when it comes to the market space. FIPADOC has the critical mass to attract enough international industry members and has at the same time the right size for friendly, stressless, productive work.

No matter in what capacity, succeeding in the documentary industry is not a walk in the park and we are doing what we do out of passion. This is our credo also for the design of the FIPADOC Industry Days. They are made for you!
Come and have a great time with us!

Sneak peek FIPADOC Industry Days 2021

The Industry Days - these are about 40 sessions in 4 days, a productive mix,
stressless and efficient. There are “trails” for directors, “paths” for producers,
“pit stops” for commissioning editors and sales agents… making it easy to
navigate a rich and inspiring program. Highlights this year are the Focus on documentary production of the Visegrad group (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) and our two labs for digital experiences and impact.

Here are some highlights of the 2021 edition:

Access the international market — Pitch your project

The core of the FIPADOC Industry Days is the opportunities to meet and ignite international co-productions. The International Pitch will showcase 15 fresh projects to a fine selection of broadcasters, funders, distributors and producers. Before this public session the teams will have a pitching training session. They will have the opportunity to meet potential coproducers in preorganised one-to-one sessions. After the pitching, one-to-one meetings will be arranged with financing partners.

A panels of commissioning editors will award the best pitch, sponsored with 5,000€ in post-production services by Saya.

Access the French market — Meet the Frogs

FIPADOC’s Industry Days are the gate to the French audio-visual Market and a dedicated focus will be made to offer the keys to open the doors and navigate towards the opportunities it offers. How to work with France, who are the players, the slots, the funders? How to reach the French audience? Keynotes, panels and exclusive labs (preregistration needed) will give unique insight into an industry space producing more than 2,000 documentary hours per year (with a budget of almost 390 million Euros). The Industry Days will feature the actors of the sector, broadcasters, funding sources and independent producers. Key players like France Télévisions, Arte, CNC… will present their slots and program policies.

Be one step ahead

Starting the year, FIPADOC’s ambition is to offer impulses into the future of our industry. In a quickly changing landscape we all need to reinvent ourselves, find new ways to tell good stories. Who is the audience and how do we reach it? Who are the new players and partners in the industry and how do we work with them? What’s new? What’s next?.
Inspiring keynotes and interactive sessions will project us fast forward.

Crowdfund your documentary!

FIPADOC joins force with Documentary Association of Europe (DAE) and Kickstarter to select and promote the crowdfunding campaigns of 5 documentary projects.

From November to early January, the 5 selected projects will receive mentoring from Kickstarter, in order to launch during FIPADOC INDUSTRY DAYS 2021.

Combine work & party

Every evening FIPADOC and its partners will offer you the opportunity to meet and party. Highlights are the opening night on Tuesday, the France Télévisions reception, the Arte reception, the Swedish party and the closing ceremony on Saturday followed by the FIPADOC party.

Check in

Bottom line: coming to Biarritz next January is worth your time (and money). And easier than you think. Think San Sebastian International Film Festival in September: Fly to Biarritz, San Sebastian or Bilbao, or to Paris and take the train (more details to come).