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SMART is FIPADOC’s space dedicated to the digital documentary experience. The works presented offer members of the public a chance to discover forms of narration that use cutting-edge technology to tell true stories. Interactive documentaries, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), web-documentary series, and content designed specifically for smartphones, tablets, or computers… A wealth of innovation is on offer to give audiences alternatives to movie theatres and television screens.

SMART strives to be the ultimate showcase for the very best French and international productions, promoting documentary content that can be hard to access by other means. 
We hope to help extend the life of these works far into the future, much like classic movies, and to create bridges between documentaries in all their different forms.

SMART FIPADOC has two primary goals:

  • Offer digital experiences that are acclaimed for quality in both content and production, including award-winning works from major festivals and works that resonate with their audiences. Selected works must also be accessible for digital experience novices.
  • Forge bonds between audiovisual professionals in attendance at FIPADOC, allowing them to discover writing formats specific to digital documentaries that work as well and are as powerful as traditional formats made for cinema or television.


  • The SMART award for best digital-experience documentary focuses on originality and match between technology and storytelling, and grants 3,000 €.
  • The Digital Storytelling award grants 3,000 € from La Scam to a linear or interactive work of non-fiction that presents a demanding narrative and innovative writing, is produced using digital tools and technology, and is distributed by any means.

All works, both in- and out-of competition, are screened for public viewing.